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Mississippi District Attorney, District 8

Acts as the attorney for the state of Mississippi in criminal cases

Full office description

  • A District Attorney is the person who represents the government in the prosecution of all criminal cases. They review police arrest reports, build cases against arrested individuals, and ultimately are responsible for prosecuting and making the case against these individuals.
  • District Attorneys also have the discretion of whether or not to bring charges against arrested people, whether or not to seek jail time, or whether or not to send individuals to pre-trial diversion programs.
  • District Attorneys are part of Mississippi’s judicial branch of government. There are 22 District Attorneys in total in the state.

How this impacts you

  • Public SafetyDistrict Attorneys decide which arrests lead to a trial and which are dropped, determining which types of crimes are enforced in the state.

  • Judicial EfficiencyDistrict Attorneys essentially run criminal cases, deciding how quickly they more forward and what charges are brought when.

Candidates (1)


Steven Kilgore


Steven Kilgore is running for this race unopposed.Read profile